What people say about Dr. Jamie

Geraldo Rivera

“As I leave this exciting world of Talk Television, I am proud to offer the concept of Aftercare to my industry colleagues.  Because of Jamie, we became part of the solution instead of only part of the problem.”

Leeza Gibbons 

“Jamie is one of the most captivating public speakers I have ever heard… end of story.  Every time I see him do his thing, I’m blown away!”


“Amazing presentation today; it was just what my heart needed! Thank you for doing these sessions.”


“Thanks again for supporting everyone with these types of conversations.”

Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

“He is bringing sanity to the Talk Shows as he bridges the worlds of TV and Health!”


“Jamie’s program called Aftercare is vital if shows are to retain any humanity.”

Self Magazine 

“Talk Show producers are paying closer attention to what happens with their guests when they go home through Jamie and Aftercare.”


“Thank you so much, my breathing has changed for the better!”


“It made me relaxed and out with the bad in with the good!”


“I wanted to tell you how much the Emotional Self-Care presentation truly spoke to me. I went back and listened to it a second time so I could pause and take notes. I definitely have been out of balance and have made a commitment to myself to my emotional self-care. Thank you again for presenting this much needed and right on time topic. Have a wonderful day!”


“Thank you so much for your support. As you can see, there are so many dealing with extremely difficult life situations. I can’t thank you enough for being here to take care of our teams.”


“Thank you for the inspiration!”


“This was quite refreshing.  Please include me in future meetings!”


Awesome presentation and thank you for all the self caring tips and information. This is valuable at various levels and I'm so Grateful to you and WELLMED for providing this webinar!

Jay Handline

“Dr. Jamie is a born Health Care advocate and business development strategist in the area of personal and corporate behavioral health and wellness.  Dr. Jamie has always been an instrument of change in the Behavioral Health Care space using personal therapeutic techniques as well as the latest in technology to improve the health and wellness status of individuals and groups.  Dr. Jamie is an excellent communicator and brings both a wealth of hands on experience as well as relationships in the fields of healthcare solutions, behavioral health interventions, and the use of health and wellness to support corporate and governmental initiatives.  Besides having Dr. Jamie as a key Health Care market executive and consultant to our Convergence Health team, over the past fifteen years Dr. Jamie and I have collaborated on several health communications strategies and he has always been a wonderful team player and driver of growth initiatives.  It is an honor and a pleasure to have worked with Dr. Jamie and to have him as a wonderful colleague!”

Melanie Farber - CEO, Personal Patient Care, Inc.

“Dr. Jamie is one of the most engaging, entertaining, and motivational speakers you would ever want to hear.  But more importantly — his message is educational and enlightening to the people who hear it.  As a Geriatric Case Manager, I work with caregivers both family and professional — and know that they need to be nurtured, supported, and educated about how to be better caregivers to their loved ones or patients and at the same time take better care of themselves.  This is only one area that Dr. Jamie can address, as he has a very extensive and varied background and career.  I can say that having him as a speaker or presenter at your event will prove to be an experience of a lifetime and one not soon forgotten.”

Eileen Cohen - Clinical Outreach Coordinator, Sierra Tucson

“Upon meeting Jamie, I found him to be truly engaging, dynamic, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about his work.  In further interaction with him, his wealth of expertise in his field was clearly evident.  He is held in high regard and is well-respected by other professionals in the mental health field.”

Jeff Collins - President, Collins Avenue Productions; Content Film UK

“Dr. Jamie is incredibly insightful and understands the human condition more than anyone I’ve ever met.  His advice is sound, his judgement is thoughtful.  He’s a pleasure to know both personally and professionally.”

Julie Brewer - Program Coordinator, Alzheimer’s Services of the Capital Area

“Dr. Jamie is innovative in the way he educates and empowers caregivers daily on how to “Take Your Oxygen First.”  As a keynote speaker at our 17th Annual Education Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease, he provided healthcare professionals as well as family caregivers skills needed to manage day to day care of their loved ones.  I am truly impressed with his enthusiasm, professionalism, and knowledge base.  It was truly a pleasure to work with him and his team; I hope to work with him in the future.”

Beth Garrow - Foundation President - Provena Hospital System

“If you are looking for a speaker who is expert in his topic, immediately connects to any audience, who is entertaining and infectious in his message to caregivers and their loved ones, Dr. Huysman will exceed your expectations.”

Cynthia Palmieri - Geriatric Care Manager - Vice-Chairman, Manatee County Caregiver Conference

“Dr. Jamie has a unique connection with his audience.  Each person feels he is there for them personally.  He creates and atmosphere of caring, compassion, energy, and education.  He has a large heart for others and a gift of communicating a caring spirit.  His warmth, passion, and personal attention captivates everyone he comes in contact with.  His insight and perception are unparalleled.  As the Keynote Speaker at our Caregiver Conference, Dr. Jamie took the time to speak with our caregivers personally and left them with an electric energy in the room.  He is truly an uplifting person.”

Gary Barg - Editor in Chief - Today’s Caregiver Magazine

“Dr. Huysman’s knowledge on caregiving is as wonderful as it gets in national experts who speak on the subject across the country.  He is a tremendous speaker who truly understands how to communicate with a caregiver audience.  His session is motivating, personal, and moving.  A warm and touching communicator, he leaves it all on the stage at each event and then continues to always answer each of the many caregivers who came up to him after his sessions for personal questions and comments.”